Nate is a green elephant in room 10, (Clouds).

He is abssesed with clocks and time and that kind of stuff. 

His quest involves talking to Mr. Doo about fixing Nate's watch. Mr. Doo is in the same room as Nate, but higher up. To get to Mr. Doo, you can't just go up to the top of the room, because there is a ledge too high to jump onto seperating Mr. Doo and Nate. So to complete the quest, you have to go around the Cloud Loop. However, it is possible to skip the Cloud Loop by jumping onto the ledge with the tree and the fence left of the door and jumping outwards from there and turn back into the ledge.


"I love clocks. Time is everything, don't you agree? I agree with myself at least! Anyway my watch is broken, can you check with Mr. Doo about fixing it?"

"Time time time time time time. Time for what? Time to get a new watch! Sorry, that joke is old. Maybe even older than time! *Chuckles*"